Machine Learning


This Project is based on OpenProcessing and ml5js machine learning online library. In this project, I linked the ml5js PoseNet model with OpenProcessing and make my work focus on some of my body parts like wrists, shoulders, and head.

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Step 1

I visualized the body tracing system of PoseNet to show how the system recognizes every part of my body. I am planning to replace every dot on my body with images/gifs to create interesting reactions to body movements.
In this part, I was using the p5js website editor.


I replaced the white dots to gifs. However, compare with p5js, Openprocessing is much more giff friendly; therefore I move all of my works to OpenProcessing Platform.

If people move their hands in front of the camera, touch their shoulders with their hands, or cross their hands can all produce funny Pokemons with different combinations.