Panoramic Protrait


This is project is a photograph talking about daily portraits made by panoramic camera in a narrative story way. Different from looking for error-free panoramic pictures, I love the glitches made by mistake, because I think glitches can also have a strong movement present features.


Panoramic Camera Before & Now

Panoramic technology has already existed for almost 180 years. 

Nowadays, the Panoramic Camera has become more accurate than before. The 360-degree fish-eye effect or double fish-eye effect panoramic camera, which is very popular in recent years, can record unique circular panoramic photos.

Working Process

Foreground Layer

I divided my Saturday into several parts: wake up on the bed, draw up the blinds, play with my cat, go out for groceries, do home cleaning, and go to bed.

I tried using the ceiling as the background while moving the camera and my hands at the same time. When I Draw up the blinds, I tried to take down the more dynamic moving lines with my hand. Then I pictured the process of petting my cat through the movement of my hand. I am very satisfied with the photos and I appreciate my kitty's fully cooperating with me. After that I go out for groceries, I want to capture the dynamics of each frame of me by the lens, and show my dynamic movements with static photos. 

I also insert some small events between big events, like watering flowers, cooking, and doing laundry to make my work has stronger continuity.

Background Layer

As the background layer, I use several full-length panoramic pictures of the environment to show the different times and situations changing to make more sense on a timeline from morning to evening, outdoor to indoor.