Prototype Study

From the Interaction Design Foundation:

“Artifact used in research that can realize the (inter)action that is studied; or, implementation, realization, test, exploration, solution, proof of concept, construction”

A prototype is something we make that manifests all or part of the interaction we’re designing. It can range from a paper screen mockup to a fully functional test of a system - usually it’s somewhere in between.

Part1. Calliagnosia Helmet Prototype Design

Flow Chart

The working process of the Calliagnosia helmet.

Model Sketch 

Calliagnosia Helmet can detect the activities of brain functions from Temporal areas which can recognize human's ficial features.

Hypothetical Outcome

The Calliagnosia helmet can mask user brain's recognition of facial features from others.

Part2. Heartbeat Medical Detector Prototype

Design and Working Process

I used force sensor as the 'heartbeat detector', and put it in a hollowed sphere. If patient put their wrist in, the blub on the top of the prototype will flashing.
I created two statements of my heartbeat detector, the first one is when patient is not in danger, the bulb will flash in white; another one is if patient is in danger, the ​bulb will flash in red, and patient need extra help from other people.

Heartbeat Detector Prototype Video

Part3. Group Work of Prototype

Leslie Ho, Giah Kim, Yining Xie


We using first-person perspective of the camera to create the visual of mechine.

Storyboard Sketch

The finger heartrate detector and the scanner camera can working together as a sestem to cure the patient.

Final Outcome of Prototype Video

Final Outcome Working Process

We selected two scenes in the storyboard. The first statement is that the instrument scans the entire body of the patient, and the patient appears healthy after testing. Another statement is that the patient’s life is in danger and the machine issues an alarm.

We use python language to upload audio and video files to the raspberry board, and then project the video onto the patient's body through the raspberry board and projector.