City Function

This is a group project to explore the functions of the city. Each member is assigned three specific interests to figure out the unique kits of the city.
I choose to focus on the relationship between man and nature (ecology) in the city, and the relationship between man and capitalism. I researched the 25 most common bird species in LA to show the urban ecology kit, and present capitalism with two modes of transportation.

City Kits

LA Birds

The 25 most common birds in Los Angeles. Birds can present the biodiversity of a city.

Pasadena City Transit

Passengers can transfer in 9 routes for free within 2 hours for one ride for $0.75. 

LA Toll Highway

Enjoy a spacious driving experience, away from traffic jams and wasting time.

Visualize Process

City of Bird

I cut out 25 birds by Photoshop, and then upload them into brush tools and pick different colors for them to fill in the Los Angeles map.
Considering that this is a general city function, I hope to weaken the background definition of LA. I used Procreate to draw a map of a non-existent area as the background, making this image more likely to become any city in the world.

City of Transit

Pasadena City has its own paid public transportation system has a total of 9 routes covering the entire Pasadena. This project guarantees the basic needs of citizens for their daily travel without a private car.
For this image, I adjusted the perspective of 9 lines and collaged them in 3D. After that, I visualized the transit routes and pasted some buses on the routes to show that these transits operate vividly and flexibly.

City of Tolls

Toll highways are a manifestation of capitalism, and people can pay to enjoy unobstructed highways, time is money, money is time.
I collected a variety of Fastrak Signs images, cut and pasted them on the street scene, and used Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate to recreate them. I am imagining whether Fastrak has the original meaning and function if it becomes a necessary or general way of travel.

City of Capitalism

I merged City of Transit and City of Tolls to produce a more integrated city function. ‚ÄčThe tolerance of the city is huge, people who do not have a car and those who have a car and are willing to pay to enjoy a spacious road can live in the same city.