GPS Visualization


This is a process of visualization, by editing the GPX file to show the movement of the subject in a linear motion. An application like Gaia GPX has the output GPX file function.

Using a GPS application on the phone to record 1-hour walking routes.

I chose to have a walk in Downtown Pasadena, CA. The total walking distance recorded by Gaia GPS is about 1.8 miles.

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How GAIA GPS Works

During the Gaia GPs application recording process, the subject movement will be displayed in real-time on the application.
Choose to save when you end the trip, then you can see the trip in the history interface and then click on the output to see the GPX file option. Transfer it to the computer for the next step of coding editing.

How to Create GPS Running Routes with p5js

If you want to create a same work, you need to:
1. Get GPS data from iPhone
2. Read GPS data from files with JavaScript
3. Sketch the runs on an HTML canvas with p5.js

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Visual Studio Platform

Install the Live Server on Visual Studio platform can visualize personal single gps route.

Live Server

With CCapture.js you can record animations at smooth and consistent 30 or 60fps even if each frame takes seconds to render.